Postgraduate Masters Students Research Outcome

 2012 Masters Graduates

Names     Research Outcomes
Margaret Anut Issues affecting OB assessments in primary schools in Madang, PNG: a case study of Holy Spirit, Lutheran Day,  Jomba primary schools, and Sagalau demonstration school
Diana Kenehe The process of OBE, planning and programming and its impact on implementation of the PNG curriculum reform
Caroline Doa Kimat Challenges of implementing OBE in the Dual Curriculum Institutions: A case study at St Joseph, NCD
Mathew Pabaya Exploring educational changes in Morobe and PNG schools: The case of Omili primary school Lae, Morobe
Dick Erike Sifuma ‘What are the students deviant sub-cultures and how do they impact students’ character developm
Joseph Wama ‘Peer pressure as a factor affecting learning achievements of students at Aiyura National High School. A case study.
ML Patrol Maino Miame Efforts in Re-orienting Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) System in Papua New Guinea for Global Economy’. A case study.


Master's Students Research in Progress (2012- 2013)                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Names Research Outcomes                                                                                                                                                             
Aida Anugu Lomotaku Behaviours and attitudes of second year students at Kabaleo Teachers College
Aiva Ore The challenges of e-learning for lecturers at DWU: An exploration of the use of MOODLE
Christopher Raymond An investigation of student cult group fights in schools
Donny Kupamu Declining academic standards at Kreer Primary School
Dora Nugi Factors contributing to low levels of English proficiency: the case of Goroka Business
Helen Wane Maintaining the professional code of ethics by Primary School Teachers
Jeanette Lee Pokut Prevalent alcohol consumption: the case of Madang Technical College
Seisame Yogiyo An investigation of the coffee curriculum in coffee growing provinces in PNG: A case of Goroka Business College
Sr Jolly Joseph Empowerment of female students to continue education
Vincent MBuge Raising enthusiasm and productivity level of ancillary staff: the case of Coronation College