Bachelor of Communication Arts (Journalism)

Program code: BA (CA)


The Bachelor of Communication Arts (Journalism) program aims to enable interested students in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific to enhance their communication skills through investigative reporting and participating in development issues. Students explore and understand the theories, concepts philosophies, frameworks and models that define communication and development philosophies. Students engage with systemic thinking and issues of power, politics and development for social change through communication methodologies.

Entry requirement

Applicants are required to have a minimum “B” in English and “B” grade average in final year 12 examinations. Special considerations are given to students who have a diploma in communication and have work experience in any mainstream media and are willing to pursue their degree in this program.

Duration of study

Four years degree program - Full time study. Program offered at DWU Madang Campus

Credit points required

Students are required to obtain a minimum of 320 credit points and to have paid all the fees to be eligible to graduate with the award.

Requisites to complete the award

In the four-year program units are offered either face-to-face or online. Each of the units carries 10 credit points, and students are required to obtain a minimum of 320 credit points and to have paid all the fees to be eligible to graduate with the award.

 Units offered

Year One

Semester One

CA120 Journalism and news

CA121 Communication skills

IS117 Computing and word processing

RS234 Christian ethics

Semester Two

CA125 PNG history

CA126 Tok Pisin

CA127 Basic reporting

PG107 PNG literature

Year Two

Semester One

CA222 Community reporting 1

CA224 Broadcast journalism 1

CA227 Media and society

CA231 International News and Current Affairs Awareness

Semester Two

CA223 Layout and design

CA225 Media law and ethics

CA228 Community reporting 2

CA229 Broadcast journalism 2

Year Three

Semester One

CA323 Publishing

CA327 Communication and development

CA328 Feature writing

CA329 Public relations theory and practice

Semester Two

CA317 Research methods

CA320 Social media & mobile phone communications

CA324 Television news

IS209 Internet applications

Year Four

Semester One

CA418 Media and communication theories

CA420 Investigative reporting and online publishing

CA427 Data analysis and research report

PG428 PNG economy & Vision 2050 (E)

IR431 International & regional security (E)

RS322 Marriage & family issues (E)

Semester Two

CA419 Corporate communication

CA425 Radio programs

RS331 Church’s teaching on social justice

CA424 Research seminars and dissertations

PG407 Film studies for development (E)

PG419 Traditional village religions (E)