Bachelor of Arts (Social and Religious Studies)

Program code: BA (SRS)


The Bachelor of Arts (Social and Religious Studies) program aims to create professionals who are qualified to exert transforming influence in the society through academic teaching, community engagement, and social action.

Entry requirement

Entry to the program requires Grade 12 with an overall "B" average, and positive character references

Duration of study

Four years degree program - Full time study. Program offered at DWU Madang Campus

Credit points required

Students are required to obtain a minimum of 320 credit points and to have paid all the fees to be eligible to graduate with the award.

Requisites to complete the award

In the four-year program, units are offered either face-to-face or online. Each of the units carries 10 credit points, and students are required to obtain 320 credit points and to have paid all the fees to be eligible to graduate with the award.


Units Offered

Year One

Semester One

RS133   General psychology

RS134   English language and literature I

RS234   Christian ethics

IS117     Computing and word processing

Semester Two

RS143   Counselling

RS144   English language and literature II

RS146   Foundations of social work

RS244  Social and ethical issues

Year Two

Semester One

RS131   Hebrew Scriptures

RS239   Social work, theory and practice

RS247   Pastoral catechesis

RS425   Modern world history

Semester Two

RS230   Church history

RS237   New Testament literature

RS245    Youth social work

RS246   Life span issues in counselling

Year Three

Semester One

RS327    Johannine literature

RS329     Counseling and disorders

RS332    Melanesian wisdom

PG303    Community development and practice

Semester Two

RS331   Church teachings on social justice

PG309   Social policies of community development

BS317   Human resource management

CA317   Research methods

Year Four

Semester One

RS322   Marriage and family issues

RS418  Social themes in Pauline literature

RS422   Pastoral care of the sick and terminally ill

CA427   Data analysis & research report

Semester Two

RS328   Church as communion of communities

RS417   Management communication and development

RS424   Prophesy and poetry

RS426   Liturgical enculturation