Bachelor of Education (Primary) (SBC; OLSHTC; HTTC)

Program Description

The Bachelor of Education Primary Teaching outlines a standards-based, pre-service, four-year program for Primary teacher education institutions throughout Papua New Guinea, with an exit point after three years for the Diploma in Teaching (Primary) award. Graduates of the Diploma program have the option to return at a later date to complete the fourth year to upgrade to the Bachelor degree qualification. The program is benchmarked against a new set of Teachers’ Standards, which have been adapted from the UK Teachers’ Standards of 2013. Each of the unit outlines is linked to the specific teachers’ standards that the unit is designed to address.

Credit Points

240 credit points, from three years full-time study for Diploma in Teaching (Primary)

300 credit points, from four years full-time study for Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Duration of Study

Four years full-time study for Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Three years full-time study for Diploma in Teaching (Primary)

Note: a Diploma graduate may return at a future date to do the fourth year and gain the degree qualification.

Study Mode & Location

It is a full time program offered at St Benedict Campus (SBC), Kabaleo Campus and Holy Trinity Teacher's Colleges


Applicants are required to have a Grade 12 level of education or equivalent with a minimum of a B grade in English and Mathematics.


Year One - Semester One

EDEN101  Grammar and Writing for Academic Purposes (10cp)

EDMA 101 Number and Operation 1 (10cp)

EDPD101 Orientation into Teaching: Studies in Education (5cp)

EDSC101 Living Things and the Environment (5cp)

EDHU101 The Natural Environment (Geography) (5cp)

EDRE101 Introduction to World Religions (5cp)

Year One - Semester Two

EDEN102 Oral Language Development (10cp)

EDMA102  Measurement (10cp)

EDPD102  Teaching Skills and Strategies & 4 weeks teaching practicum (5cp)

EDHU102  Papua New Guinean History and Contemporary Issues (5cp)

EDCD101 Making a Living (Resource Management, Better Living) (5cp)

EDRE102 Contemporary Issues from a Christian Perspective (5cp)

Year Two - Semester One

EDEN201 Reading (10cp)

EDMA201 Geometry (10cp)

EDPD201  Assessment and Planning (5cp)

EDSC201  Physical Sciences (5cp)

EDCD201   Personal Development (5cp)

EDPE201   Introduction to Professional Ethics (5cp)

Year Two - Semester two

EDPD202  Managing Students’ Learning and Behaviour & 4 weeks teaching practicum (5cp)

EDEN202  Writing (10cp)

EDMA202  Algebra (10cp)

EDHU201  The Cultural Environment of Papua New Guinea (5cp)

EDCD202  Health and HIV/AIDS (5cp)

EDPE202  Professional Ethics (5cp)

Year Three - Semester One

EDEN301 Library and Literature (10cp)

EDMA301 Number and Operation 2 (10cp)

EDPD301 Child Development and Inclusive Education (5cp)

EDSC301 Earth and Space (5cp)

EDHU301 Expressive Arts (Art, Craft, Music, Dance & Drama) (5cp)

EDRE301 The Cultural Environment from a Christian Perspective (5cp)

Year Three - Semester Two

EDEN302 Assessing and Implementing the English curriculum (10cp)

EDMA302  Data and Statistics (10cp)

EDPD302  Planning and Programming & final 4 weeks teaching practicum (5cp)

EDHU302  Society and Government in Papua New Guinea (5cp)

EDCD301  Community Development and Technology (5cp)

EDRE302 Citizenship in Papua New Guinea from a Christian Perspective (5cp)

Prerequisite for the fourth year program is successful completion of the 3-year Diploma in Teaching (Primary) Program.

Year Four - Semester One

EDEN401 English Specialism 1 (10cp) OR EDMA401 Mathematics Specialism 1 (10cp)

EDSL401  School Leadership and Management 1 (10cp)

EDRM401 Research Methods (5cp)

Electives (choose one)

• EDSC401 Science Specialism 1 (5cp)

• EDHU401 Humanities Specialism 1 (5cp)

• EDCD401 Community Development Specialism 1 (5cp)

• EDRE401  Religious Studies or Ethics Specialism 1 (5cp)

Year Four - Semester Two

EDEN402  English Specialism 2 (10cp) OR

EDMA402 Mathematics Specialism 2 (10cp)

EDSL402  School Leadership 2 (10cp)

EDRM402 Research Project (5cp)

Electives (choose one)

• EDSC402 Science Specialism 2 (5cp)

• EDHU402  Humanities Specialism 2 (5cp)

• EDCD402  Community Development Specialism 2 (5cp)

• EDRE402 Religious Studies or Ethics Specialism 2 (5cp)