FASS Research Symposium 2016

FASS 2nd symposiumWelcome to Maror 2016
FASS Research Symposium


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) is happy to invite everyone to the FASS Research Symposium Maror 2016. The idea of sharing the knowledge created in the research process done in fulfillment of the faculty’s bachelor programs was born in 2015 from the faculty’s commitment to the excellence in research at all levels.  As it was done in 2015, again this year, the best researchers of the final year Bachelor’s degree students from Communication Arts, PNG and International Relations and Social and Religious Studies departments, academic staff and a guest researcher are presenting their papers.

This year, the Faculty has adopted a name for its annual research symposium – Maror. In Bel language, the term means “forum where customary teaching is passed and decisions are made”. By adopting the name the Faculty demonstrates the importance of the local knowledge as well as the importance of sharing the knowledge for the benefit of the future.

The continuous commitment to the quality of research is indeed one of the major functions of the university. We read in the Divine Word University Charter that the function of this institution is to provide for research in all branches of learning and to assist in its practical application (DWU Charter 4.0). The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is proud to contribute to the knowledge building process through research and in this way to contribute to intellectual, economic and social progress in Papua New Guinea.