Undergraduate Students Research Outcomes

Communication Arts

2014 CA4 Major Projects

Name  Topic Discipline/Study Focus
Immaculate Foimae Is social media a toll for evangelization in PNG?  Social Media
Reily Kanamon Discourse in the media coverage of the Manus Island Regional Processing centre  Media Studies
Eunar Karatu How are the media influencing latest fashion amongst students at DWU?  Media Studies
Sinivar Kasimani Whatsapp in PNG?  Social Media
Daphne Kaukia Impact of paper less policy on DWU students/staff  Communication
Mary Louise Kodor Women in advertisements: A comparison between PNG and Western countries  Media Studies
Roline Likas How effective is awareness on tuberculosis amongst DWU students?   Communication
Jacob Marcos Representation of Enga in print media  Media Studies
Siba Mesa How Members of Parliament are using Social Media (Facebook) to communicate to the people.  Social Media
Anna Omba Future of Melpa language amongst young Melpa speakers  Communication
JonaClaire Paias Uses and gratifications of free internet access in DWU  Communication
Chrisilla Tabe Talis Media representation of PNG politicians and the perceptions created amongst PNG audience.  Social Media
Rueben Tabel What are people’s knowledge, perceptions and awareness on Ramu Nickel’s Deep  Sea Tailings Placement method of waste disposal?  Communication
Zuleika Winifrey Are teachers prepared for inclusive education in general schools?  Education
Delcah Wo'otong Social media coverage of West Papua issue and its implications  Social Media
Jacklyn Yala Violence against journalists in PNG  Journalism
Vasinatta Yama How effective are the media in influencing public opinion in PNG?  Media Studies


2013 CA4 Major Projects

Name  Topic Supervisor
Karen Abenisa Does text messaging transform language? A DWU case study P. Matbob
Priscilla Afuale'efi Cyber bullying and ethical practices amongst DWU students P. Matbob
Quinton Alomp Perceptions of sorcery and its impact on small scale businesses: A case study of the Waimas village in Madang P. Matbob
Rachael Atua Impact of family planning training in Mapor village, Karkar Island P. Matbob
Aileen Baretta Impact of Community Radio broadcasting in the Pipeline impacted area P. Matbob
Miae Elizabeth Reporting of Tuberculosis in the PNG print media: Obstacles to accurate and informed reporting P. Matbob
Allie Gwaibo A study of DWU's academic staff internet knowledge P. Matbob
Florence Jonduo Does Ulu Manjeh (bilum making) And It's Traditional Patterns Have Any Signififcance In Comtemporary Urigembi? P. Matbob
Yvonne Kambibel Has the issuing of laptops of DWU students improved their learning? P. Matbob
Antonia Mission Practice of sorcery within the communities of Key in Chuave P. Matbob
Stanley Ove West Papuan Diaspora: are young West Papuans maintaining identity & culture in PNG? P. Matbob
Alice Possani PNG popular music: Whose identity does it communicate? P. Matbob
Deborah Pranis The impact of mobile phone communication on dating and relationship among DWU students P. Matbob
Christina Tony The impact of Traditional Channels of Communication on Postive Change Projects: A Case Study on Manam Island P. Matbob
Lisa Tutuana The Big-Man Culture and its influence on journalists and journalism in Papua New Guinea P. Matbob
Marina Waita The use of aggravating language in verbal communication and how it contributes to violence against women P. Matbob
Bernadette Wingere What is the impact of mobile phones on students learning at Holy Spirit primary and Tusbab Secondary? P. Matbob
Glenda Awikiak Public perceptions on lone street preachers in Madang P. Matbob


2012 CA4 Major Projects

NameTopicDiscipline/Study Focus
Jina Amaba Information gaps in understanding the proposed law on 22 women's reserved seats  Communications
Rhonda Clement Impact of sex education on females in tetiary institutions  Communications
Edwin Fidelis Impact of new media on journalism in PNG  Communications
Geraldine Gubuli Limited impact of labour policies in Morobe  Communications
Samantha Kareng Information gaps on government policies on free education  Communications
Sonia Kenu Impact of facebook on PNG media users  Communications
Anita Kimagl Communication skills in dating relationships in young adults  Communications
Natalie Lavi Basic health education and its impact on the use of common drugs in Madang  Communications
Martha Luois Using broadcasting to facilitate learning of English language in primary schools  Communications
Elizabeth Miae Reporting on TB in PNG print media  Communications
Stella Paulus Impact of music piracy campaign  Communications
Nicholas Sireo Communication gaps between  landowners and developers in PIMZ  Communications
Andrea Tagamasau Language issues in family planning awareness  Communications
Duncan Willis Representation of PNG investment on blog sites  Communications


PNG Studies and International Relations

2014 PGSIR4 Major Projects

Naomi Aru The Case Study of Tropical Gem Foundation in Madang, Madang Province
Maria Dolores Biaun The Significance of Historical Sites – War Memorials and their Economic Benefits: A Case Study of the Yangoru Surrender Hill
Julianna Bulda The Involvement of Clans in Politics and its Implications on Western Highlands Province.
Douglas Deseng Globalization has an impact on Indigenous Cultures: A case study of the Carterets Islanders in Mainland Bougainville
Isaac Givolo An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Central Nakanai Rural Local Level Government on Service Delivery in West New Britain Province
Calista Hamadi An investigation into lifestyle diseases in Kurumbukari as a result of mining activities
Ronald Kalang A Study on PNG Time and its impact on Public Service Delivery
Anivoh Ianagaena Kali Gender Equality in Papua New Guinea: A Case Study into Central Province, discovering the lifestyle of three different generations of women and society
Barry Kaluwin Early Marriage in Contemporary Rural Papua New Guinea: A case study in Bom & Suaru Villages in the Almami LLG of Bogia District, Madang Province
Justina Kila-Pat Thinking about Sorcery: How do perceptions and attitudes towards sorcery inhibit sustainable development in Gaire Village?
Peter Lanovene Mobile Phone Addiction among Students between 15 and 24 years of age in Kavieng Urban and Tikana LLG: Impacts on Academic Performances
Eva Michael An Analysis into Buai Bisnis in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea: A Study of Betelnut Business in Mt. Hagen in the Western Highlands Province
Dulcie Moab Health Service Delivery in Rural Papua New Guinea: A Case Study of Siassi Island in the Morobe Province
Anna Korowa Mokono An analysis of Local Perceptions on the Effectiveness of Local Level Government Performance: A Case study on the Waiye Rural Local level Government, Chimbu Province
Ben Otto Impact of Modernisation on Enga Language and Practice of Courtship in the Province: Enga’s Past and Present.
Aizowe Otu Incorporating Papua New Guinea Defence Force White Paper with Development in the country
Rachel Rekeken Socio-Cultural and Economic impact of Traditional Land Sale: A case study of Astrolabe Bay Local Level Government, Madang Province
Leonard Fong Roka SWOT Analysis from Arawa Town’s Zone 3 Perceptions of the Third Pillar of the Bougainville Peace Agreement
Ancitha Semoso A Study of Boarder Protection Authorities in Preserving the State’s Sovereignty and Security: A Case Study of the Boarder of Bougainville and Solomon Islands
Otmin Sianot An analysis of the New Ireland Province’s quest for autonomy
Daphney Toke Policing in Buin District: An analysis on the effectiveness of Buin Police after the crisis.
Dennis Uramani An Analysis of Pacific Solution: An Australia Foreign Policy Approach and Its Implications on Papua New Guinea’s National State Sovereignty and Security


2013 PGSIR4 Major Projects

Adrian Abedi Terms and Conditions of Chinese Concessional Loans: Analyzing Its Implications on PNG’s National Interest.
Godina Bonai Why NATSCHOL was revived after 13 years of absence: Perceptions of students in Divine Word University and University of Technology.
Noel Buka Exploring the concept of Beautiful Madang in relation to Security Issues: possible issues influencing the change of status in Human security in Madang.
Emmanuel Chokoli An analysis of proper acquittals of provincial funds to be viewed by all citizens in Madang Province.
Steve Gallagher The Economic Implications of China's New Diplomacy in Papua New Guinea". China-PNG Trade, Aid and Investment cooperation.
Chistine Hufantoui A Study into the impact of social media on students’ academic performance in Madang Province.
Sendra Humbi Social and Economic Difficulties faced by Land Court Pending: Case Study of landowners in Kisigriring Sausia LLG Yangoru Sausia District, East Sepik Province.
Joy Jack Artisanal Small-scale Mining and Poverty: A Case Study of the Bangrum area of Wau/Bulolo District, Morobe Province.
Geraldine Kalabai A study of Modern Technology and its Impact on Youths and their Culture.
Clare Kliawi The Awareness of PNG Foreign Policy by a Rural Population: A Case Study of the East Yangoru Local Level Government (LLG) – East Sepik Province.
Michelle Lau Teenagers viewing and addiction to mobile pornography and its impacts: A Case Study in Gerehu, Tokarara, and Jubilee Secondary Schools.
Isaac Liri A survey on the perspectives of SURVEY ON THE PERSPECTIVES OF DWU Bougainville students on how globalization is changing their indigenous cultures in the 21st century.
Elijah Luan Ethnic Conflict hinders economic activities in Lae City: A Case Study on Esi Loan Company Ltd.
Bertha Malagui Influx of Asians into Madang town and how their economic activities affect the Madang Locals.
Leo Manafat Digital Music Piracy- A growing Threat to PNG Music: An Analysis on the Negative Implications faced by various Local Artists: A Case Study of Madang.
Stephanie Manjihau Refugees in PNG: The Difference Between the Manus Detention Camp and West Papuan Refugees.
Valentine Moari An analysis of the impact of corruption on socio economic development: An investigation into the perception of DWU students.
Lydia Mruwari Urban Poverty: Impacts of Monetization and Commoditization on Urban Life.
Quinette Mursau The Perceptions of Educated Men on Gender Equality in PNG modern society.
Simon Nianfop Challenges of Single Sex Education.
Salome Pondangu PNG contemporary music: lyrics that portray the negative image of Papua New Guinea women.
Venantius Sarobigama The Psychological Impact of Drop-out System in Education Leads to Socio-economic Problem: A Case Study of Inland Central Almami.
Jason Sawera An Investigation on the People’s Perception of the Geothermal Project on Karkar Island.
Sr Josephine Tami Management of steam production and consumption in the North Coast Area of Gazelle in ENBP.
Angela Urakupa The abuse of Facebook: phonographic materials accessed via sex content pages on Facebook by youths in Papua New Guinea.
Dennis Uramani An Analysis of the Pacific Solution: Australia’s Foreign Policy and Its Implications on Papua New Guinea’s National State Sovereignty and Security.
Kanic Wak Sex Trade in Tertiary Institution – A case study of Sugar Daddy in Divine Word University, Madang Technical College, Madang Teacher’s College and Lutheran School of Nursing.
Sharon Ware Fast food impacts on the health of career people in urban areas of Madang.
Martinez Wasuak The ‘Domestic Dependency Development Syndrome’ in Papua New Guinea: A Case Study in East Yangoru Local Level Government in East Sepik Province.
Michael Win Marginalization of Papua New Guineans Resource Owners by Foreign Investors: A Case Study of Ramu Nickel Mine.
Zannia Boas Domestic Violence Among Working Class Women.
Daniel Mirihao The PNG Vision 2050 and Its Impacts on the Country: The Perceptions of Tertiary Students in Madang.


2012 PGSIR4 Major Projects

Benita Bagasel

Foreign Aid (Aus AID) to PNG and its effect on National Sovereignty

Politics/International Relations/Foreign Policy
Br Michael Pendekos Cult practices in High and Secondary Schools, Tusbab Secondary School, Malala Secondary, School and De La Salle Secondary School PNG Studies/Anthropology/Cultural Change
Daniel Mirihao DWU Students Perception on the PNG Vision 2050 and its Possible Outcomes on the Country Politics/Public Policy/ PNG Studies
Fidelis Sukina Patriotism and Negative Image/Perception of Papua New Guinea by the Global Community: Case Study of DWU and MTC Students in Madang Politics/Identities/Globalization
Francis Koimanrea The Age of Mixed Heritage Individuals and the Connotations on Culture and Traditional PNG Ethnic Identity Cultures/identites/Globalization
Geraldine Lokain Globalization and the Diminishing Traditional Cultures of Papua New Guinea Cultures/PNG Studies/Globalization
Gerard Robinson Did the 1997 Government introduction of the Decentralization system work as it was anticipated? A case study of Bitapaka LLG in Kokopo , East New Britain Province and Ambenob LLG in Madang Province Politics/Governance/PNG Studies/ Economis PNG -Indonesia Relations
Gilman Gumari PNG-INDO Free Trade Agreement: Analysis of the Effect of Cheap Indonesian Market on the Economic ctivities and Well-Being of Local PNG Citizens in Vanimo International trade/International Relations/
Hilda-Marie Magun Ramu Nickel Mine and the Deep Sea Tailing:
the effects and impacts it would have on the lives of the locals and their environment
Resource development/ Environment Sustainability/ PNG Studies
In Apeit Accessible Tourism: A Study Into Madang Tourism Facilities Accessibility Tourism/Inclusive tourism/PNG Studies
Ingrid Kuman Globalization and Economic effects on the current political impasse in Papua New Guinea: A Political and Hegemonic Analysis PNG Studies/Politics/Globalization
Jack Klomes Julian Moti Saga: PNG’s Public Scandal or Australia’s tool for pursuing its’ Foreign Policy in the Pacific. PNG Studies/Foriegn Policy AUstralia
Justin Taper Impacts of Global Products in PNG: Analyzing  its threat to culture change: A Case Study in Madang PNG studies/Culture Change/Globalization
Linda Karo Addressing the issue of Illegal immigration in PNG Immigration/international relations/Boarder Security
Lisa Punau Brain Drain and its Impact on Development in Manus Province Brain Drain/Economic Development/PNG Studies
Lucy Efi Comprehending Political Autonomies within National Boundaries: PNG’s Future unity in Question Autonomy/PNG Studies/Politics
Maclay Lamang  Development and HIV/AIDS: Is Development a Contributing Factor towards the Rise of HIV/AIDS? HIV/AIDS- Development- Health
Nathan Matbob “Boi man”or “Boi stret”: Analysis of the socialization formation of this concept and its influence on young males. Youth/Social Construction/Musculinity PNG Studies/Sociology/Gender   Studies
Natasha Tamanabae A case study from Professionals’’ Real Estate company and the Madang Real Estate company in Madang Province Real Estate/Companies/Ownership Economics/ Local Partnership
Rachael Ningi PNG Constitution and Human Rights Laws: Violence against Women and Girls in the DCA Settlement Females/Human Rights/Violance
Richmond Nongkas Women & Mining in New Ireland Province (Lihir Island) Women/Mining/Development
Stephanie Aisi ‘KAGO CULT’ - What is the perception of ‘Cargo Cult’ among Divine Word University Students? PNG Studies/Anthropology/PNG Studies
Suckling Gi Gama and Arabaka LLG: Social and Community Development Services and Impediments along the Ramu River People of Madang Province, PNG Politics/Governance/PNG Studies/Community Development
Theodore Oa The impacts of globalization on climate change in developing countries – Case Study of ……. Climate change/Globalization/PNG Studies
Thomas Warr Trade, Aid and Investment and China/US in the Asia-Pacific Region and the Impact on Local land-owning Communities - Case
Study: Major Project: Pacific Marine Industrial Zone at Vidar, NCR, Madang
Industrial Development/PNG Studies/International Investment
Wendy Magea HIV/AIDS Literacy in rural areas of Papua New Guinea Will the low level of HIV/AIDS literacy in rural areas affect the implementation of Papua New Guinea’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy 2011-2015? HIV/AIDS-Literacy-Community Empowerment/PNG Studies


Social and Religious Studies

2012 SRS4 Major Projects

NameTopicDiscipline/Study Focus
Abady Lawrence The impacts of different Christian practices in family lives  Religious Studies
Dama Peter The influence of church based organization in providing quality education to Papua New Guineans  Education and Religion
Gominogo Ben Transactions and PNG elections, reciprocal attitude  Social Studies and Politics
Hoko Emily The social Impacts of urban ethnic clash in Dodo Heights, Sabama  Social Studies
Hungito Thelma The impact of the Bougainvillian conflict on the lives and learning of Bougainville students in DWU  Psychology and Education
Ihira Philip The impact of rugby league on the students acedemic perfomances in DWU  Education
Betty Isikiel Street survival: how street children survive an urban culture: A case study in Madang and Port Moressby  Social Science
Kamraisol Abigail The perception of Divine Word students on the practice of arranged marriage in the traditional societies of PNG  Social Science
Kaumu Gregory Political involvement in crimel in PNG and the impapct it has on development  Politics
Kondis Martha Christian Inluence on polygamous practice  Social Science
Kuam Sr Irene The impact of religious education in the lives of students at TusbabSecondary School, Madang  Education and Religion
Milur Sr Rosalia Mobile Phone technology in the religious life  Religious Communication
Miria Rosemary Introduction of Melanesian Christian ethicsin the formal education system: a case study in DWU  Religion Education
Karen Padio The growth of a Catholic"s Faith in the celibate life of  priest  Religion
Peter Serah Women enduring violence: reasons a wife  continues to live with an abusive husband  Gender Equity
Sausi Evelyn The barriers of inclusive education in Madang schools  Education
Simiriong Acta Ignorance behavior and perceptions towards community development in Wau: a case study  Community Development
Vuvut Belinda The heigtened intensity of peer pressure in mission and state run universties  Psychology and Education
Wunatoro Elizabeth The influence of the Tubuan and Dukduk culture on the Catholic liturgical worship  Culture and Religion
Yabimini Bernadette Declining rate of religious vocations in Papua New Guinea: A case study in the Highlands Region  Religion