Bob Tombe


Department of Environmental Health

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(+675) 422 2937

PGDSc, 1997, PGDE, 1986, BSc, 1977.

Teaching / lecturing:
• Divine Word University
• University of Goroka (1991 - 2004)
• Dauli Teachers Training College (1987 - 1990)
• Kombolopa High School (1984)
• UNITECH (1977 - 1980)
• Agricultural Officer (1973)

Upgrading of science content knowledge for Upper Primary and Secondary school teachers in North Solomons, 2002 and 2004.(UNIGOR,UOG)
Member of science curriculum writing advisory committee (SAC),  PNG National Education Department. (1993 – 2001)
Participated in Lahara, 1978 (UPNG).
Resource person for several Workshops for Primary School Teacher Trainers between 1987 - 1990.
mycology [(cinnamommi) 2001 – 2004 Avocado farmers Association of California USA, sponsorship]


General Chemistry, Organic chemistry or biochemistry, Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Plant Biology and Water Resource Management. A cumulative of 25 years teaching at tertiary institutions.



Phytochemistry; includes purifying chemicals extracted from plants, screening for their bioactivity, and structure elucidation using NMR and Mass Spectral data information.
Nutritional value of foods: that includes assessing and evaluating elemental from Atomic absorption Spectral data, protein and starch compositions of foods. It Includes evaluations of some specific components such as fatty acid composition of oils using HPLC chromatograms and other chromatographic technique to separate identify and determine the fatty acid composition of the oils and the economic value of the oils.

Social Research:  
Oral History of traditional practices. Aspects of Education such as, finding out about the incentives there are for teachers and can it be possible for interactive teaching in PNG schools. What people know and understand about HIV/AIDS.


Research Interests
Fatty acid composition of local edible oil bearing fruits, seeds and nuts and their nutritional value.
Environmental pollutions; types of air, soil and water pollutions, in towns and cities of PNG.
The effectiveness and appropriateness of teacher’s strategies and activities in helping combat HIV and AIDS.



Tombe, B. (2010) Nutritional value of Pandanus conoideus fruits. In the Proceedings of the UPNG Science 2009 conference on; “Addressing National and Global issues through Scientific Research and Development”,2010

Tombe, B. (2009). Nutritional value of Pandanus conoideus fruits. (abstract). UPNG Science 2009 Conference in “Program and Abstracts” by Prem Rai, 2009

Orathinkal, J. Totona, K.  Begani, A. Tombe, B. Tuka, A. & Begani,R. (2011). "Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs on HIV/AIDS Among Tertiary students in Papua New Guinea." World Aids Journal 1, 50 – 61, June 2011