Faculty of Education

Message from the DeanDr. Joseph Lingawa

Dr Joseph L Kekeya (PhD)

Welcome to the Faculty of Education. The Faculty of Education is one of five faculties at Divine Word University in Papua New Guinea. The Faculty offers programs on beautiful campuses in Madang, at St Benedict’s in Wewak and at OLSH Kabaleo, in Rabaul. Projects are underway for new dormitories, classrooms and staff houses on all campuses.

Education programs range from matriculation to doctoral level. In 2018, we are particularly excited about launching a Doctor of Education (EdD) professional doctorate program and rolling out the fourth year of the national, pre-service Bachelor of Education (Primary) program.

Continuing in popularity are the full-time and part-time Master of Educational Leadership programs, and the flexible learning programs for the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, Bachelor of Education (primary, inservice), and matriculate programs in five centres.

The Faculty has committed staff who are dedicated to offering quality education based on sound values and Christian principles. We welcome continuing and new staff and students to the 2018 academic year at DWU and the challenges that will unfold.


Staff Profiles

Dr. Joseph Lingawa

  • Dean
  • Faculty of Education
  • Email: jlingawa@dwu.ac.pg
  • Tel: (675) 424 1717
  • EXT: 717
  • Fax: (675) 422 2812


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Department of Education Curriculum and Leadership

St Benedict's Campus, Wewak

The Department of Humanities


The Department of Humanities comprises the disciplines of Social Science, Language, Arts and Religion, which, for administrative purposes, are referred to as sections within a department. These humanities disciplines play a very important role in instilling cultural relevance, religious values, bilingual education, social and economic aspirations for societies in Papua New Guinea and the world. Studies in the Social Sciences, Language, Arts and Religion prepare our pre-service students to be critical and reflective thinkers who will set positive transformational goals to meet the challenges of this 21st century and beyond.


The Department of Humanities’ vision is to work collaboratively as Joel Baker says, ‘by thinking together, dreaming together, and acting together’ to make a difference in our teaching of religion, language, arts and social science skills to the pre-service students. The skills we impart to the students will set the basis for lifelong learning in all communities. Our over arching vision for the department is to offer quality teaching and learning experiences to the pre-service students and thus, providing continual growth in individual’s social, spiritual, and artistic values which is promoted through language and literacy.


The department of Humanities also embraces the, motto of the Divine Word University to ‘Sic currite ut comprehendatis’ - Run to win, not in a ruthless competitive way, but as an honest effort to achieve one's full potential, through the acquisition of knowledge, which is the mission of research and transmission of knowledge which is the mission of teaching. The pinnacle of the departments’ mission is collectively shared with the Faculty of Education and that is, to graduate academically qualified teachers, with life skills, competences and sound philosophy of life based on Christian values.


Contact Us:

St Benedict's Campus Wewak
Phone: (675) 856 2327
Fax: (675) 856 2331
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Education and Professional Studies


The Department of Educational and Professional Development was established as a result of the restructure in the staffing and the positions at St. Benedict’s Campus in 2012. It is comprised of two important sections that drive the main objective of the primary teacher training program within the Faculty of Education. The department has five diligent teaching staff with relevant qualifications and experiences. Each staff has come with vast experiences in the primary education teaching and administrative backgrounds.

The professional development section is responsible for equipping the student teachers with relevant teaching skills, class control and management skills, professional and ethical roles and responsibilities as teachers.

The Special/Inclusive Education section has an important responsibility for educating the student teachers to be inclusive in their classroom teaching in the main stream schools. This means accommodating and  responding to the basic human rights of the people with part or total physical, mental and emotional impairments to be included in all activities as people with equal rights.

The department is responsible for coordinating and conducting the Field Teaching Practice for student teachers each year. This program provides opportunities for student teachers to experience a period of intensive block teaching experiences of six (6) weeks in schools. The aim of this exercise is to help student teachers develop the necessary skills, knowledge, with the right attitudes and values and professional standards demanded of the teaching profession.


 Comtact Us:

St Benedict's Campus Wewak
Phone: (675) 856 2327
Fax: (675) 856 2331
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Department of Sciences


Mathematics, Sciences and Basic Technology play a critical role in many aspects of our lives and have proven to be a powerful engine for economic growth. These fields better prepare students to meet the rigor required to better understand the world around us and are essential to strengthen our ability to innovate, which, together, yield opportunities to enrich the lives of many citizens.

The Department of Sciences strives to provide a rich, stimulating and supportive learning environment in which students, staff and students work together to achieve a common goal as stipulated in the Divine Word University philosophy. To better prepare our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century, we provide programs and mechanisms so that students can learn fundamentals in the classroom and be engaged in various activities for a common good of the department and the Divine Word University. The Department of Sciences is committed to offer opportunities for inspired and engaged teaching in an academic setting that puts students first.


The Department of Sciences aspires to offer pre-service teachers the quality and relevant mathematics education, science education and basic life skills and computer knowledge which will serve as part of a foundation for life-long endeavor in achieving their professional and academic desires. Overall, our vision is guided by the intent to improve the quality of educational courses and practice impacting the acquisition of mathematics education, science education, and the life skills and technology courses we are offering to pre-service teachers.


The Department of Science’s programs focus on issues of educational practice and related professions in mathematics, science, and technology, including the relationships among these disciplines and others. Our modern world has been transformed by the achievements in pure and applied disciplines grounded in mathematics, science and technology. Current reforms in education place increasing significance on broad-based public understanding of these three fields of human endeavor.  Within this unifying view, the Department of Sciences includes specialized programs to address the needs of professional practitioners in each area.

The mission of the Department of Sciences is to:

• offer high-quality undergraduate programs that develop well-educated teachers and professionals

• continually assess and refine all of the department’s undergraduate programs

• provide a variety of professional development and outreach programs, for teachers and students, in support of the teaching and learning of mathematics, science, and basic life skills and computing

• serve and advocate for the teaching and learning needs of the society

• maintain a leadership role and improve current leadership activities within each program

• enable students and graduates the opportunity to develop their own leadership skills

• conduct cutting-edge research on significant issues.


 Contact Us:

St Benedict's Campus Wewak
Phone: (+675) 856 2327
Fax: (+675) 856 2331
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.