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Current CLT Research

In 2018, two CLT members, Dr Iwona Kolodziejczyk and Ms Kimberly Kobal have undertaken a research on DWU students’ digital experiences with Moodle. The purpose of the study was to explore students’ use of technology, their perception of Moodle and its role in their academic life. It was anticipated that the study findings will allow to better understand the current stage of Moodle usage as well as to develop programs that will help students to use Moodle more efficiently and thus achieve the best results in their study.

The study employed quantitative approach. It used self-selection method to get the sample of approx. 500 students. All full time students enrolled in Moodle received an invitation to participate in the study with a link to online questionnaire through email sent from Moodle. The invitation will be resend till the anticipated sample size is reached.

The questionnaire is being delivered in online form only. The form was prepared with Google forms. The questionnaire is available from:

The study will be presented at MoodleMoot, the conference for Moodle Administrator, in Brisbane, September 2018.

Preliminary findings as of (date) (full paper will be published when the study is completed).




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