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A few facts about women in academia (source:

·         In 2016, Australian women held fewer academic positions than men at the senior lecturer level and above, but more than half of all lecturer and below-lecturer positions.

o    Women held 44.7% of Senior Lecturer faculty positions and just 31.7% of Above Senior Lecturer faculty positions.

o    Women held 53.2% of Lecturer faculty positions and 53.3% of Below Lecturer faculty positions.

·         Women academics held 40.6% of academic positions across the 28 countries of the European Union (EU-28) in 2013

o    Women accounted for 20.9% of Grade A positions, 37.1% of Grade B positions, and 45.1% of Grade C positions.12 

o    Women were a minority among senior academics (Grade A) in many European countries, including Belgium (15.6%), Germany (17.3%), the United Kingdom (17.5%), France (19.3%), Switzerland (19.3%), and Sweden (23.8%).

·         In the sciences, married women with children are 35% less likely than married men with children to attain tenure-track positions after completing their PhDs.

DWU Community of Learners Women in Academia provides a platform for female academics to meet and share their experiences, learn about issues faced by women in academic environments around the world and explore venues to become successful and happy academics.

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