Oring Gom

         Mr. Oring Gom

          Senior Tutor

          Department of Finance and Management

          Faculty of Business and Informatics

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Tel: (675) 422 1727  Ext: 724
(675) 422 1312


Location: AA Building Room# 24

Research interest:

  • Since I am currently teaching adult learners, I prefer to concentrate on researching and writing on issues relating to adult learning. This will help to strengthen my knowledge in this particular area.
  • I also prefer to do research on any issues relating to village situations as 85 % of population live in the rural or village settings and my writing will mainly be geared towards highlighting issues for improvement or development basis.
  • I am also keen on researching and exploring other areas of ‘finance and management’ issues to reinforce my knowledge and skills in the Master of Leadership and Business Administration program currently being undertaken.

Research Profile:

researchgate       orcid      square linkedin 512





Oring Gom is currently a Senor Tutor at the Divine Word University in the last eleven years. He has worked for twenty - five years in the public sector in Papua New Guinea before joining the Divine Word University in 2008. He has received training and developed experience mainly in the training and human resource development area. While currently at Divine Word University, he has engaged over the last decade mainly in teaching and learning of adult learners, who come from various industries and public sector organisations to attend different diploma and bachelor programs offered through Flexible Learning Centre. He has taught a total of twenty-eight (28) different units in the diploma and the bachelor programs through the Flexible Learning Centre. In addition, he has engaged in eight (8) training consultancy projects with Solomon Island Government, Papua New Guinea National Government, Provincial Governments and church organisations. He has recently been involved in the review and redevelopment of the Diploma in Human Resource Management program which is in its first year of implementation through the Flexible Learning Centre.

Research Projects:


Madang Campus

PO Box 483,
Madang 511
Papua New Guinea

[email protected]

Tel: (+675) 424 1800
       (+675) 422 2937
       (+675) 7111 0002

Port Moresby Campus

DWU POM Campus
PO Box 582
Konedobu, NCD 131

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Tel: (+675) 325 5668
       (+675) 7091 5741


Wewak Campus

St. Benedict’s campus,
PO Box 542
Kaindi, Wewak, ESP 531

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Tel: (+675) 456 2327
       (+675) 456 3243

Fax: (+675) 456 2331


Rabaul Campus

c/- OLSH Kabaleo
P.O. Box 138
Kokopo, ENB 613

[email protected]

Tel: (+675) 982 8213
Fax: (+675) 982 8339


Tabubil Campus

c/- DWU POM Campus
PO Box 582
Konedobu, NCD 131


Tel: (+675) 325 5668
       (+675) 7091 5741

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