Cyril Sarsoruo


  • Tutor (On Study Leave)
  • Department of Mathematics and Computing Science
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Tel: (+675) 424 1883
  • EXT: 883



Qualification: Bachelor in Mathematics and Computing Science (DWU), Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (DWU)

Cyril had done various worked experience with PNGUNRE IT Department at their Main Campus in Rabaul in 2009 and with the Telikom Madang in 2010 before joining DWU. He joined DWU in 2014 as a tutor with the Department of Mathematics and Computing Science. Cyril teaches calculus (Classical mathematics with physical applications), Pure math topics of Abstract Algebra, Real analysis and Number Theory (applications in crytography). He also teaches structured programming, object oriented programming, system development and cisco networking systems units. 

Cyril's research interest is the use of technology to enhanse teaching and learning. He presented a research paper titled "Simulating a Lognormal Distribution: A Monte Carlo method" at the 2nd International Conference of Pure and Applied Mathematics in Goroka University Dec 8 - 12, 2014.

Cyril has done a number of projects; he created the East Sepik Provincial Government Website using Joomla (CMS); assisted former MCS students in creating MCS website using Joomla (CMS) and he created database inventory system for Goshen Limited using Microsoft Access and Visual Fox Pro 9. He is very keen to know more about the changing technology thus his hobbies and interests are in Programming with computer software creating software applications, websites and mobiles apps and Solving Problems, especially Mathematical Problems. Apart from that he enjoys planting flowers and making gardens.