Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision and Mission


DWU is a national university, open to all, serving society through its quality of research, teaching, learning and community engagement in a Christian environment.

DWU is a public, government-supported ecumenical and coeducational university that is privately administered. Its primary purpose is to serve national goals. With support, partnership and collaboration from both public and private organizations, DWU commits itself to offer special training programs in response to current and emerging needs of Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. DWU’s services are offered with a high level of ethics and respect of individual rights.


The University's Vision is achieved through:

  • • A Christian presence in an academic environment
  • • Standards of excellence in teaching and research for all students and staff
  • • Emphasis on the development of moral and ethical behaviour in public, private and professional life based on Christian values
  • • Dedication to social justice and offering equal opportunity to all
  • • Ecumenical acceptance of all students and staff without regard to race and religion who respect the university’s vision
  • • Continuous dialogue and partnership with all levels of community, business, government and culture in the life and work of the University
  • • Quality academic programs relevant to the needs of students and society
  • • Providing an authentic model for national unity.

Core Values

Core Values

Divine Word University’s Core Values, as articulated in the University Charter and also expressed in its Vision and Mission Statements, are at the heart of Divine Word University’s academic and non-academic programs and its philosophy. These values provide a framework for the University’s development and enliven the University's identity, the University’s heritage and its commitment to knowledge for holistic, personal development and social progress.

Integrity - offers to the University the ability to realize the Christian values and maintain the highest academic standards by upholding academic policies. It promotes the University strategic objectives and its Vision by emphasizing holistic education at the University and encouraging a consistency of actions and values.

Academic Excellence - DWU is committed to quality of research, learning and teaching for every individual learner. DWU’s diverse academic faculties with a qualified academic staff, in collaboration with international academics and universities, promotes critical thinking for staff and students who are engaged in learning, research, and creativity. Thus, DWU stimulates academic and personal leadership for staff and students with a spirit of ethical values and personal discipline.

Community Engagement/Service - commits the DWU Community to follow the example of the Divine Word  to utilize our gifts, talents and abilities to advance the genuine well-being of  the people we encounter in our community and the nation.

Respect - the DWU Community respects every person’s dignity, background and potential, and appreciates and respects the right to express diverse ideas with a freedom of academic enquires.

Diversity - the University’s Founders were from a different cultural and social background. Diversity nurtures an international academic community within the university that fosters a culture that is open and welcoming to people of diverse backgrounds, and promotes ideas and perspectives that engages the faculty, staff and students in academic and non-academic activities in an educational environment, and prepares the students to live and work in an international society within a global economy.

Hospitality - at DWU we attend to our daily duties with a spirit of openness and kindness that welcomes new ideas and people with a diversity of  backgrounds and beliefs. We receive and value our visitors with divergent ideas and  new insights and challenges.

Learning for Life - DWU is committed to providing opportunities to staff and students for personal growth in an environment that supports the development of discipline, ethical decision- making, and personal responsibility.

Social Responsibility - DWU is committed to equity, social justice, and diversity, and maintains the highest standards of integrity in our relationships with others. DWU is an institution that serves as a resource for and stimulus to social, economic, educational, cultural, environmental, and community development in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific.


Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes

As reflective lifelong learners acting on strongly developed Christian ethical principles, DWU graduates will display personal qualities of scholarship and citizenship at local, national and international levels as evidenced through the following eight attributes:


Professional knowledge – achieve levels of knowledge and skill appropriate to entering and maintaining employment and to continuing career development in their chosen professional area through their commitment to lifelong learning.

Analysis and problem solving – apply their abilities with academic integrity to identify and define problems, exercise informed critical judgement and acknowledge their own limitations in understanding and solving problems.

Research – demonstrate independent analytical, critical, logical and creative thinking in systematically identifying and solving problems to establish or to create appropriate new and ethical solutions.

Information technology – have experienced the use of archives and libraries and the application of a range of computer software, particularly software appropriate to their disciplinary area, and established receptiveness to the expanding opportunities for electronic technology

Social awareness

Personal development – have been assisted to develop a philosophy of life based on the absolute human dignity of all persons, particularly the disadvantaged, through a commitment to Christian personal and professional ethics

Communication – have excellent communication skills, in written and oral language, and understand and use English as the language of international scholarship as well as respecting the linguistic diversity of PNG.

Social Responsibility – accept the responsibilities that accompany the privilege of an education and display willingness to serve the needs of society through application of their disciplinary knowledge and professional skills

Social interaction – demonstrate the ability to work productively, both autonomously and co-operatively, with tolerance, respect and valuing for human diversity, but also with a passionate commitment to truth.


Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

The foundation of education at Divine Word University develops human, social and religious values and helps graduates become active in the development of PNG as one nation. DWU fosters a genuine Christian spirit, where people from all parts of PNG build up a harmonious unity as a true model for PNG society.

DWU aims at full human development. Students from disadvantaged areas are recruited and encouraged to reach their potential.

DWU provides a religiously oriented and socially conscious environment. While becoming professionally competent, students are encouraged to examine the ethical aspects of their profession. Students grow in their Christian faith and awareness of their social responsibility towards the underprivileged.

DWU serves the goals of the nation. Emphasis is placed on work, self - reliance and service. The University is ready to offer special training programs for the country or the Church as needed.

DWU has a special interest in providing educational opportunities for women. The University encourages women to improve their status in society and to take an active part in the nation's life.