Professor (Fr.) Patrick Gesch (HoD)


  •  Professor in Anthropology Research & HoD
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  •  Tel: (+675) 424 1884
  •  EXT: 884


Fr Pat Gesch SVD is currently the Head of Department for Papua New Guinea Studies and International Relations (PGIR). He is also resident in the Postgraduate and Research Centre. His original doctorate was from University of Sydney in Religious Studies, but after some years of publishing with Anthropology Institute in Germany and years of field work in Sepik and Madang, he puts himself in the anthropological field as well.

He came to Divine Word University for the first graduation at the end of 1982 and has remained based in DWU ever since, with a few absences. This is the third time he has taken over the leadership of PGIR, and he claims to have taught in almost every department of the University over the years.

His research interests have long been in initiation rituals and new religious movements, and also in traditional forms of marriage and kinship. He has followed the PNG Elections Observer study twice, and is currently engaged with the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone and its effect on the villages nearby. He is a rather reluctant follower of sanguma (witchcraft) movements as well. As opportunity arises, he engages with village court magistrates around Madang, and with other novel forms of settlement leadership.