Readings in PNG Mission History


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Fr. Frank Mihalic, SVD

Readings in PNG Mission History is a comprehensive study of the Catholic Church in postwar PNG.

The fruit of more than 10 years' research and writing, Readings in PNG Mission History is a breathtaking panoramic view of half a century of mission history, from the re-establishment of the Catholic Church in the war-torn coastal dioceses, to the missionaries' outreach into the Highlands - where they were among the first outsiders to make contact with the more isolated communities.

Although a serious academic inquiry, the author never loses sight of the very human individuals who have made postwar history. The book includes personal, often touching recollections of those who have dedicated their lives to PNG mission work. First-hand accounts and original research from primary sources gather together for the first time the tragedies and the achievements, the hard toil and the gripping adventures of the missionary Fathers, Brothers and Sisters. Many of the characters, such as 'Flying Bishop' Leo Arkfeld, are sadly no longer with us and Readings serves as a testament of their contribution to PNG's social, spiritual and economic development.

The focus of Fr Frank's research is the work of the Society of the Divine Word and the Holy Spirit Sisters, but Readings necessarily ranges much wider than this. The book compiles the histories of those religious congregations which have shared the work and the harvest of missionary activity. Readings explores the contributions of the many congregations active in PNG: the Marianhill, Marist Brothers, Sacred Heart Brothers, Christian Brothers, Michaelites, Spiritans, and Passionists; the Mercy, Rosary, Notre Dame and Sacred Heart Sisters, among others.

Separate chapters catalogue the work of the lay missionary services and the movement of grassroots Catholicism, the Charismatics, Antiochs and Young Christians. Readings also includes chapters on those areas where the Catholic missionary services have been a moving force in the country's development: health, education, transport and mass communications.

Readings in PNG Mission History is fully indexed and annotated for the serious scholar of South Pacific history.

Fr Frank Mihalic is well known to all in PNG as the author of the 'Jacaranda Dictionary of Melanesian Pidgin'. He has written more than 30 books, as well as over 1300 columns in the Wantok newspaper that he helped establish in 1970.

Published 1999
ISBN 0 86935 063 3
A5; 304 pages plus photographic plates
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