James Sinclair

This book tells the story of Madang and Madang province, from pre-European times to the arrival of the first European settler, Nikolai Nikalaevich Mikloucho-Maclay, in September 1871. In covers the period of German rule of New Guinea, from the days of the famous Neuguinea Compagnie through the latter year of Imperial Government rule to the outbreak of the Great War, and the assumption of Australian control. It outlines the developments of the between-war years of the Mandated Territory Administration to the events of the Pacific War, and the resumption of civil administration in 1946. A major part of the book covers the Madang story from that year to Independence, and carries on to outline the major happenings of the post-Independence years, to the 2002 General Elections. The author and acknowledges the whole-hearted support of the Madang community, nationals and expatriates, in the researching and writing of the Madang story.

Published 2006
DWU Press
ISBN 9980-9976-8-0
A4, Hardcover, 450 pages
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