Surgery: For primary health workers in Papua New Guinea




By Dr Jerzy Kuzma

The development of evidence-based medicine has brought about numerous changes in surgical practice, which call for substantial review of existing manuals in PNG.

Over 80% of the population lives in rural and remote areas with access only Primary Health Care.

The objective of this book is twofold; (i) to up-date the surgical knowledge and provide a reference guide for Health Extension Officers (HEO), nurses, and other health workers providing surgical services in the rural areas, (ii) provide a modern, updated, yet simplified surgical guide. The material is based on the surgical experiences of the author, other surgeons and Health Extension Officers in PNG.

This book is problem-based oriented with appropriate practical advice on the management of the most common surgical problems experiences by primary health workers. It is simplified and adapted to the rural setting where surgical procedures are done by a HEO, nurse or Community Health Worker (CHW). Although the book contains descriptions and illustrations on basic procedures, it cannot substitute for practical "hands on" experience.

Trauma remains one of the leading causes of death and disability in the first four decades of life and thus it has significant impact on public health. It is hope that this will improve the care of trauma patients. The book includes the latest advances in early trauma and management.

A system of Triage is described to indicate patients requiring referral for specialised care in provincial hospitals. The main focus is on curative surgical services but appropriate disease prevention and health promotion is emphasized.

The purpose of the book is to make surgical skills relevant to the rural and remote areas. Hopefully it will greatly assist those managing surgical problems in PNG.

Published 2006
DWU Press
ISBN 9980 –9956-1-0
A4 +, Paperback, 173 pages
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