Noser Memorial Library

noser2The Noser Memorial Library, the "library within a library" was founded Father Michael Morrison, SVD (1927-1984) as a memorial to Archbishop Adolph Noser, SVD (1900-1981). Archbishop Noser was the first Archbishop of Madang.

It houses a comprehensive heritage collection of documents, books, maps, photographs, manuscripts and other ephemera about Papua New Guinea and some contemporary materials. It includes items of anthropological, historical, religious interest.

carving5The aim of the collection is to retain, preserve and make available past and present documentation of recorded information about Papua New Guinea and its peoples. The heritage collection includes:

  • German manuscripts dating back to the beginning of the Divine Word Mission in Papua New Guinea.
  • Correspondence between. Missionaries in Papua New Guinea and the Divine Word Society's headquarters in Europe.
  • Diaries and correspondence of Divine Word Missionary priests.
  • Diaries written by catechists in Tok Pisin (Pidgin English).
  • Log books from the mission boats "Stella Maris and "Marova".
  • Government publications and reports compiled by Australians and Germans during their years of Administration.
  • Historical material from World War 1 and World War 2
  • Tok Pisin tapes recording myths and local history.
  • Early directives to missionaries.
  • Diocesan and pastoral papers written by Archbishop Noser between 1953 and 1976.

The Noser Memorial Library is a limited access area. Access to this comprehensive body of information for research purposes can be gained by contacting the Noser Librarian who will explain the guidelines for the use of these unique resources within the library.