Prime Minister applauds DWU


PM and Fr.Jan

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has applauded Divine Word University (DWU) for the annual Missioning Ceremony it hosts for outgoing final year students.

Speaking as guest of honour at the ceremony at the Madang campus last Friday 12 October, 2012, Mr O’Neill said the “missioning” of students to go out to the professional world is similar to the initiation ceremony in Melanesian societies where young people were initiated into adulthood.

The Prime Minister said: “I am delighted to see that DWU has incorporated Melanesian values to its academic functions.”

 “In our culture, before young people enter into adulthood, first they have to go through an initiation process and once they successfully fulfil the requirements of the community, then the community declares them as responsible members.

“It is encouraging to see that today’s celebration echoes this Melanesian culture in the form of the Missioning Ceremony as it declares that these young men and women possess the necessary competencies which will make them responsible citizens of our nation.

“It is not a graduation which focuses on the academic achievement of the students.

“Rather, it is an equally important celebration as it declares these young people have developed a sound philosophy of life, quality of leadership and are willing to serve our country. 

“I congratulate the University for incorporating Melanesian values into its academic and non-academic activities,” the prime minister said.

The Missioning Ceremony themed “Be a Light of Positive Vision to the World” began with Eucharist led by Father Dr Garrett Roche who is the chairman of the DWU Council. This was followed by speeches and the presentation of the DWU Missioning crosses each of final year students taking part. In addition, the Prime Minister also opened the Memorial Park on campus dedicated to the family members and friends who died in the tragic Airlines PNG plane crash on 13 October, 2011. The University built the dedicated the Memorial Park especially when 11 of the passengers of immediate relatives of students, of which 10 were on the ill-fated Dash 8-100 to attend the Missioning Ceremony last year.

DWU inaugurated the Missioning Ceremony four yours ago as an occasion to thank the outgoing students and their benefactors and also to mark the completion of their studies and preparation for professional life. The university made the decision after realising that it had to thank the students and benefactors in a special way, as the graduation ceremonies were big events that do not provide the environment for it and often some students and their parents do no turn for graduations. Last Friday’s ceremony was also attended by governor of Madang, Jim Kas, Minister for Civil Aviation Davis Steven, Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc, United States Embassy official, Regis Prevot, DWU council chairman Dr Garrett Roche, DWU Council Member Sir Peter Barter, and Retired Chief Justice and former Madang governor, Sir Arnold Amet, Madang community organiser Maureen Hill and parents and guardians who travelled in from across the country.

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