Duban delivers fee subsidy to Madang students

Member for Madang Open, Nixon Duban delivered a cheque of K47,000 to Madang students at Divine Word University as subsidy for their tuition fees on Sunday 19th May, 2013.

Mr Duban, who is Minister for Police said the money is 50 per cent subsidy of university fees for the Madang students.

Mr Duban presented the cheque to the president of Madang Students, Collins Selve at the Sir Peter Barter Auditorium of the Madang campus.  The student leader thanked the MP for the timely support to the students in need.

The ceremony was witnessed by DWU president Fr Jan Czuba, students, university staff and members of the public.

Mr Duban said education is important and he would continue to subsidise fees for students in his term in office. He said this can be done as long as money can be identified.

Mr Duban said the subsidy was sourced from his District Services Important Program (DSIP) funds with the approval of the Madang Open joint district planning and budget priorities committee.

 He explained that although the DSIP funds are primarily for infrastructure development in an electorate, the Madang Open’s joint district budgetary priorities committee has voted to support education subsidy as a matter of priority developmental need for the electorate.

Mr Duban said he has been visiting tertiary institutions in Madang and around the country delivering fee subsidies to students from his electorate as he believes in the development of the human resource.

Fr Czuba thanked the Minister for supporting the education of students and congratulated him for being the first Madang Open MP to formally engage with DWU since the former Divine Word Institute (DWI) was declared a university in 1996.

Fr Czuba said he was pleased to hear of the plans and policies for education that Mr Duban has and the university stands ready to support them when consulted.

The Minister said he would like to work with all educational institutions in Madang to address common developmental issues.

The Minister also commended Fr Czuba for his tireless leadership in developing the university from the modest Divine Word Institute to a leading university in the Pacific region.

We are very privileged to have a person like you to run this fine institution and bring it this far,

Mr Duban said about Fr Czuba.

I want to work with you,

he told Fr Czuba.

Fr Czuba is the founding President of DWU having joined the former Divine Word Institute as its President in 1995 and becoming the central figure in realizing the dream of a university the following year in 1996.

Fr Czuba said Mr Duban is the first MP for Madang Open since DWU became a university in 1996 to formally engage with it.

“I am delighted to say that this is an historic moment."

“This is the first time the MP for Madang Open to officially visit the University and engage with us,” said Fr Czuba.

“We will work together with you," Minister, to implement the plans and policies you have for the district.

Fr Czuba said although Madang is known as the tourist town, it is also an “education town” with the many tertiary and secondary institutions located there.