Funeral Program for DWU Vice President Student Affairs- The Late Br Andrew Simpson, MBE

Anais Nin once said: “ People living deeply have no fear of death”, Andrew was living deeply in Christ thus there not fear of death on his face.

Dear Family, DWU Community and Friends


I would like to advise you on the program concerning the funeral service of our Colleague, the Late Br. Andrew Simpson, CFC MBE.


Tuesday, June 18th


5 – 6:00 pm
Prayers and Viewing of Br Andrew’s body
St. Joseph Freinademetz Chapel


6:00 pm
Casket returns to Comfort Home to overnight


Wednesday, June 19th


9:00 am
Celebration of the Holy Eucharist
St. Joseph Freinademetz Chapel


Main Celebrant:
His Grace, Archbishop Stephen Joseph Reichert, OFM; the Archbishop of Madang
His Grace, Archbishop Douglas W. Young, SVD will give homily
Archbishop of Mt. Hagen
Chair, Divine Word University Council


We will offer this Holy Eucharist and Prayers for Br. Andrew Simpson, his Family and the Christian Brothers.


10:15 am
Casket departs to his resting place at Alexishafen, Madang


Transport will be provided for the visitors, staff members and students.
Staff may use their own transport.


5:30 pm
Planting of a tree in living memory of Br. Andrew Simpson by his sister, Anne, and lighting of candles as our sign of respect. (At the DWU Memorial Park)


6:00 pm
Dinner with Br. Andrew’s Family, the Christian Brothers, Visitors, Students and Staff at the Students’ Dining Hall


I take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers and moral support.


Fr. Jan Czuba