Dear DWU Community, Alumni and Friends of late Br. Andrew,

I would like to personally express my deep appreciation to all of you for your thoughtfulness and assistance, prayers, and kind words of sympathy during this challenging time for our Community.

The collegiality spirit and kindness you demonstrated in organizing ways to celebrate the life of late Br. Andrew Simpson, cfc MBE contributed to the respectful manner in which we bid him farewell. We are moved how the DWU Alumni rallied to show their respect for him through prayers and Eucharistic celebrations at the different provinces. We are greatly comforted by the kind and grateful words of his friends and associates from around Papua New Guinea and the world. These sympathy messages were compiled and given to his family.

Now is a time to look for answers in our faith and the Lord. We are left to come to terms with our shock and our grief. It will take time but someday we will smile when we remember him. Someday, we will meet him again. 

Till then, we remember him and are glad that we knew and loved him. More importantly, we will be glad that he knew and loved us. He was a great blessing to us and we pass on the legacy he left us to others, through the kindness and values he espoused.

“ I am indeed going to prepare a place for you, and then I shall come back to take you with me…” (John 14:3)

For Those Who Believe, Life Comes After Death.

Thank you very much.

Fr. Jan Czuba