DWU marks Independence Day

Divine Word University students marked Papua New Guinea’s 38th independence anniversary with a week of activities that culminated with the flag-raising at the Madang campus on Monday 16th September 2013.

The flag-raising began with a procession in provincial groups led by the Kaian mask dancers from Bogia District of Madang Province. The procession started at the Arnold Janssen Hall and ended at the main administration building.

The Kaian mask dancers, who are relatives of several DWU staff, were in town for the Madang Festival and were invited to the campus for the flag raising ceremony. The Madang Festival was organized by the Madang Provincial Government at the nearby Laiwaden Field.

Students in their provincial groups raised the provincial flags in unison with the national flag that was raised by the student leaders.

The students along with staff also sang the national flag song and the national anthem and recited the national pledge.

The flag-raising concluded a week of activities that included musical performances, film shows and sports. The students called it the Simpson Week with the theme “Celebrating PNG Made” in respect of DWU vice president student affairs, the late Br Andrew Simpson who passed away early this year.