President applauds online registration

The President of Divine Word University Fr Jan Czuba has praised the online registration of students which the university trialed this year.

Fr Czuba said the University was pleased that the system worked well even though it was used for the first time.

“I am pleased to report that the online registration of students that the Divine Word University introduced for the first time this year has worked well,” said Fr Czuba.

He said the online registration of students made things much easier than in the past. The DWU had a one-day registration session on Monday 3rd February, 2014.

DWU’s director for Information and Communication technology (ICT) Services, Mr Chandana Silva said the new registration systems for the new and continuing students were developed by DWU software developers.

He said “new student used our newly developed Web based student enrolment system at Sir Peter Barter Auditorium. They started registration at 9:00 am and completed at it 3:40 pm.

“In the past the registration took almost a week. 

Mr Silva said “continuing students were activated using our existing Student Managment system (PerlPro). “This application too was developed by DWU Software developers.  

“Continuing students’ enrolment took less than two minutes per student and then at the same time the ICT Services re-activated their login, email, e-learning and, internet services.

He explained that under this system once continuing students resumed access to the DWU Network, they electronically sent their updated personal information such as changes of postal mailing address, sponsors and so on to the Registrar’s office.

Fr Czuba said the online registration is the way forward for DWU in line with international trends. It is the result of the university’s foresight in investing significantly in information communication technologies (ICT) in recent years to keep pace with improving technologies that are driving efficiency and innovation in the modern business world and universities around the world.

Meanwhile Fr Czuba reiterated that the university administration has taken a firm stand for students to pay the minimum required amount before enrolment to encourage parents and guardians to become more responsible and plan for the education of their siblings.

“It is not fair for those students who cannot pay to continue to live on others’ money,” he said.