Why be in DWU?

The President of Divine Word University (DWU), Fr Jan Czuba has called on staff members to reflect on “why” they were at the university so it can guide them to make meaningful contributions to the nation.

He was speaking when welcoming them to the new academic year at the start of the two-week induction program on Tuesday 27th January, 2015.

Fr Czuba said DWU knows “why” it exists. The answer to this question the President said is provided by the Charter of the institution written in 1977 by its founders, namely the PNG Province of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) in partnership with the missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit (or Holy Spirit Sisters). He invited staff to revisit the DWU Charter that is posted on the university website (www.dwu.ac.pg) to familiarize themselves with why the university exists.

The President based his presentation on the 2015 theme of the University: “Core values and research underpin our search for quality.”

He said “to be successful we need to be driven by clear vision, a purpose, by a belief …. To be motivated by the core values.”

Fr Czuba went on to say that “staff and students do not like to join our DWU Community because of what we do. “They like to join our Community as they know why we do what we do.”

He said many universities offer quality of research, teaching and learning. “This is WHAT they do,” but Fr Czuba said DWU was different because it knows why it exists.

“We cannot attract staff or students to a university because we tell them ‘what’ we do but we can attract quality of staff and students because they know WHY we do what we do.

“They believe in what we believe in,” he said.

The President said task of DWU is not to attract staff and students because of what we have but for them to in believe what we believe in. The induction program proceeded student registration and orientation which begins on Monday 9th February, 2015 and ends on Friday 13th February, 2015 with a formal opening ceremony of the academic year.