DWU uses e-registration

Student registration at the Madang campus of Divine Word University was completed much faster than in the past due to a new computerised system.

The e-registration system developed by the information and communication technology services department of DWU was trialed last year and fully implemented during the 2015 registration which started on Monday 9th February.

Director of ICT, Mr Chandana Silva said by the afternoon of Tuesday 10th February nearly all students were registered except for those who arrived late or had other issues.

Mr Silva said the e-registration system has cut down on the manual workload that took many weeks to complete.

“The new system enabled all data to be entered into the computer as a student goes through the registration process and the system itself verifies a student being registered or not,” he said.

“The system automatically denied students who had gaps in the data required such as those who have not paid the required minimum amount of on-registration fees.”

Mr Silva e said the new system required students to pay their minimum on-registration fees at the Bank South Pacific by including their identificiation (ID) numbers for continuing students and temporary ID numbers for new intakes.

“On registration day, DWU staff entered the student ID numbers to confirm if the student has paid the on-registration fee or not.”

Those who did not were automatically denied from proceeding with the registration,” Mr Silva said.

He said as part of the registration, students were required to enter their personal data including family names, and postal addresses

“What the new system did is cut down on many months of work in terms of student data entry and management,” said Mr Silva.

He said the systematic processing and capturing of data using the e-registration system not only saves time but is seen as a step forward to embracing technological change that is fast becoming the norm in the workplace environment of today.

“Divine Word University hopes it can be of help to other institutions who need assistance in developing a similar system for its use,” he added.