Beware of bad influences, students told

Divine Word University (DWU) students have been urged to be wary of bad influences that would distract them from their studies.

Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Madang, Most Reverend Stephen Reichert OFM Cap called on the students to stay focused and learn as much as they can, meet as many new friends and grow in wisdom but not be influenced and go astray.

The Archbishop Reichert offered the wise counsel in his homily in the Mass he celebrated with the DWU Community at the St Joseph Freinademetz Chapel to mark the launch of the academic year on Friday 13th February, 2015.

Archbishop Reichert invited the students to ask why they were at the university and ensure they were motivated by a purpose to do good for their families, communities and country.

“What is your motivation? Is life as a student about money and power in the future, the ability to manipulate and use others for your own selfish benefit?

“Is your motivation frivolous, aimless and about having a good time?” Archbishop Reichert asked.

He said for the students to be on the right path, they ought to lead Christ-centred lives and they would not go wrong in their endeavours.

Archbishop Reichert said while the students were studying in the university to gain knowledge and skills, they ought to also grow with wisdom and strive to know the truth in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who is the Divine Word.

“Strive to know the truth, be hungry to seek what is good, to understand what is right and wrong,” said Archbishop Reichert.

“Work hard to gain valuable skills and knowledge about many things so that you can them to help your family, your community and your country. That should be your goal,” he said.

He also called on the students to make as a many friends among their peers and learn from each other.

“Make as many friends as you can, have no enemies at all. Face-to-face friendship is best.”

“Put yourself out there and get to know everyone on campus,” said Archbishop Reichert.