Justice administration diploma launched

The Department of Justice and Attorney General and Divine Word University (DWU) have launched the Diploma in Justice Administration program at the Madang campus of the University on Friday 10th April, 2015.

The program is part of collaboration between the university and the department aimed at building the capacity of personnel in the law and justice sector to address law and order issues and prevent crime.

Secretary of the Department of Justice and Attorney General Dr Lawrence Kalinoe and DWU President Fr Jan Czuba launched the program by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in the presence of officials from the Department and University staff and students.

Dr Kalinoe said the new program follows on from the success of a similar one that was offered at DWU under the AusAID-funded Law and Justice Sector improvement program few years ago.

The program will be offered by the Governance and Leadership Department of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences through the flexible learning mode.

Fr Czuba said the event was an “important moment in the development of our country especially in the higher education sector as the MOU paves the way for a government department to collaborate with a university to offer a program that would address a national development issue – in this case, the professional administration of justice services.

He said the MOU enables the Department and the University to establish and implement the Diploma program which would lead to Bachelors and Masters degree studies in the future.

Fr Czuba said the plan is for the Department to run an independent institution for justice administration studies within the DWU framework. He said this is a higher education model that has worked well elsewhere in the world and is being adopted in PNG.

Fr Czuba said the long term possibility is for an independent institute to run under DWU with its own Act of Parliament governing it.

Dr Kalinoe said that his department was excited to work with DWU through the sharing of training avenues and programs which would assist the department to achieve its mandated objectives.

“Our focus is moving towards crime prevention and making sure that all the agencies in the Law and Justice Sector are actually working together,” said Dr Kalinoe.

The Secretary said it was vital for all agencies in the sector to work together as this would enable them to work better.

Dr Kalinoe said the idea is to get everyone involved in the administration of justice such as the officers from his department, judiciary, the magisterial service, police, correctional service, village courts and peace and good order to have a common training.