Higher education should partner business

Institutions of higher education in Papua New Guinea should develop partnerships with the business sector to benefit from the synergy of such engagements.

President of Divine Word University, Fr Jan Czuba made the suggestion in his speech at the presentation of awards for the annual Open Day of the University at the Madang campus on Sunday 3rd May, 2015.

“The Open Day demonstrated that business and higher education can learn from each other."

“The experience of today allowed us to have one foot in the academic world and the other in business,” Fr Czuba said.

The Open Day had business houses partnering with the faculties and departments to promote different fields of study and how they applied in the real world.

Fr Czuba said higher education faces obstacles which ought to be addressed through “concrete work and commitment” and forging partnership with business houses was one solution.

The chairman of the PNG Vice Chancellors Committee said the higher education sector is not used to partnership with business but it was inevitable that this must happen.

“These types of interactions between business and higher education are not common as yet in PNG thus let us refine our 21st century skills, education and lifelong learning,” said Fr Czuba.

“Technology, learning science and consumer demand are creating new educational options that can benefit all.

“Therefore, we need to enhance the partnership with business,” Fr Czuba said.

“Today, we all had a wonderful time and we could experience higher education integrated with information technology.

“But the future will hold even more for all of us,” the President said.