Our core values find a place on campus streets

While cities, towns and university campuses around the world tend to name their streets after people, animals, plants, mythical creatures and the like, Divine Word University (DWU) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has found a unique way to christen the streets of its main campus in Madang.

DWU recently named the streets of the Madang campus after its “core values”.

The core values are integrity, academic excellence, community engagement, respect, diversity, hospitality, learning for life and social responsibility.

Since the campus started initially as a high school in 1967, it never had street names until this week when the core values were unveiled as names of the campus streets.

The unveiling and blessing of the street names was part of the Student Representative Council hand-over, take-over ceremony between the outgoing and incoming executive on Monday 02 November, 2015.

DWU President Fr Jan Czuba said the new street names are a reminder to passersby of the DWU community’s belief in its core values and to demonstrate it openly.

Speaking to outgoing and incoming student leaders he said life out of university was like a street or road where it was filled with challenges ahead.

Fr Czuba said only through using the core values acquired at DWU graduates would be able to navigate towards their purpose in life.

He encouraged the students to take courage and to infuse change in the society, home and workplace since DWU core values were universal and could be applicable elsewhere.

Fr Czuba urged them not to compromise their values, instead to have courage to make changes, changes that would earn respect from others because of what they valued.

One such respected figure is the outgoing SRC President Mr Peterson Tom Isifu.

Mr Isifu applauded the role of the University in promoting social responsibility within the community and maintaining standards of integrity in relationships with others.

He said that the outgoing students were proud to come this far due to the supportive staff and administration in the events organised by the student leaders.

One such support can be seen in the official launch of their new webpage during the ceremony.

Director of Human Resources Father Garrett Roche SVD blessed the street names and Vice President Academic Professor Pamela Norman unveiled the project. This took place in front of outgoing student leaders and the incoming ones headed by new president Jackson Kane Mulupe, a third year Bachelor of Business Management student from the remote Komo sub-district of Hela Province.

Staff and the students also witnessed the event.