DWU’s online presence attracts foreign students

The 7th annual Missioning Ceremony for final year students at Divine Word University involved a Masters student from Nigeria who was attracted to the University by its presence on the Internet.

Ms Zainab Olabisi Tairu of Lagos, the Nigerian capital, learnt about the Master of Research Methodology (MRM) program that was advertised on the DWU website (www.dwu.ac.pg) last year and applied and was accepted.

She enrolled in the program earlier this year and was among eight other Masters student who participated in the Missioning Ceremony on Friday 23rd October, 2015.

Ms Tairu and he colleagues were the first-ever fulltime postgraduate students to participate in the history of the ceremony.

A Solomon Islands student Mr Liam Sau also learnt about the DWU’s Master of Public Administration (MPAdmin) program from the University website and is now studying through the flexible learning mode.

Ms Tairu had been surfing the Internet one day and came across the DWU Website with the advertisement inviting applications for the MRM program.

After learning about this part of the world from a friend, Ms Tairu, gave the application a try and was accepted. After a bit of delay with visa processing through the PNG High Commission in London (PNG does not have a diplomatic presence in the African continent), Ms Tairu made the long plane trip to Papua New Guinea.

Her journey began in Lagos onto Doha in the Middle East, Singapore, Port Moresby and eventually Madang.

As part of her academic work, she carried out a research into “green human research management” in DWU.

Ms Tairu join her eight Masters colleagues and 300-plus others undergraduate programs to receive their Missioning Crosses from the University.

The Mission Ceremony signifies the end of student life and transition into an adult professional ready for the workforce.

The missioning ceremony was witnessed by high profile dignitaries led by United States Ambassador to PNG, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, Walter North and his wife Dr Judy Ryan North, Counsellor Australian High Commission Ms Suzanne Edgecombe, DWU President Fr Jan Czuba and the vice presidents, parents’ spokesman and PNG Defence Force officer Francis Kari and parents.