Alumnae Park to open

Divine Word University (DWU) is recognising its graduates over the years with an “Alumnae Park” dedicated to them at the main campus in Madang.

The University built the facility, which will be opened on Monday 7th December, 2015, in honour of its Alumnae. The university alumnae are invited to attend the ceremony.

DWU President Fr Jan Czuba said: “The Alumnae Park is a very important development at the University because it further strengthens the relationship between graduates and the University Community. We would like to maintain effective contact with our Alumnae and be part of their personal and professional life. It was always and is my hope that DWU graduates will continue further studies at their Alma Mater by enrolling online or taking further professional training.”

On a few occasions Fr Czuba was asked to clarify the name ‘Alumnae Park’. He said, “I am encouraged by the debate over Latin terms or words. To fully appreciate the meaning of the word ‘Alumnae’ one has to insert the word in the context and full sentence. This word ‘alumni’ though masculine is inclusive of women. Because DWU upholds to its core values and is innovative, thus the word ‘Alumnae’ is used.  Though feminine, it is inclusive of males.”

Fr. Czuba further explained: “The word ‘University’ comes from Latin and it means ’universitas magistrorum et scholarium’ that means ‘community of teachers and scholars’. Often we refer to a University as ‘Alma Mater’ which means a nourishing mother that it is not he or it but it is she”.

Among the features in the park will be an Immortal Alumnae Memorial Wall. Each year an alumnae member who does something exceptional or extraordinary for the common good of society will be honoured by having their name inscribed on the Immortal Alumnae Memorial Wall.

The Alumnae Park is located opposite the Friendship Library near the main entrance into the Madang campus.

The DWU Alumnae membership consists of graduates of the former Divine Word High School (1968 to 1978), Divine Word Institute (1979 to 1995) and Divine Word University (1996 to 2014).

A public notice from DWU states that alumnae intending to travel to the Madang campus are asked to register with the University by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone 422 2937 and fax 422 2812 by Friday 4th of December. The University would provide accommodation for alumnae travelling into Madang, however they will have to meet their own travel costs.

DWU has alumnae chapters in several centres in the country and is urging graduates to join them or start new ones in the provinces they are located. The graduates need to fill in the alumnae registration form online on the DWU Website ( and become active members.