Roger Juchau

roger juchau

  • Emeritus Professor
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





Emeritus Professor Roger Juchau joined UWS in October 1990 and was the Foundation Professor of Accounting and Management and the Business Dean for two periods. Roger officially retired in July 2007 when he was honoured to become an Emeritus Professor at UWS.  

Emeritus Professor, Roger Juchau was bestowed a DWU honorary doctorate for his services to higher education notably in the field of accounting and management in 2013. He volunteered to assist  Divine Word University, to reform curriculum, provide strategic advice and review the accounting and finance programs. He is currently continuing to undertake research and to utilise UWS resources and facilities to study the field of investment portfolio strategies and management. He also runs graduate business programs (in conjunction with Macquarie University) in Port Moresby and teaching (voluntary) is supplied by a team of international academics from Australia, Europe and North America. He currently has  four university level financial texts published by Pearson, Lexis Nexis and Cengage and is a company monitor with the Australian Shareholders Association.

The Emeritus Professor was recently part of the 2011 Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) team for an audit of DWU. It is the only university in PNG which has been subject to an external international audit. This external audit was part of the DWU’s drive to ensure that it offers quality academic programs and services on par with international best practice.