John Croucher


  • Visiting Professor
  • Macquarie University
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John Croucher is a Professor of Statistics at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University where he has served as an Associate Dean and Head of the Operations and Technology Management discipline. He has been the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in education for teaching innovation and student engagement in the study of statistics. These include two national and one state award for outstanding contributions to student learning along with several outstanding teacher awards and excellence in education awards.

Professor Croucher’s views are widely sought by many organisations and his extensive consulting experience to both business and government led to his receiving his university’s inaugural Community Outreach Award for bringing his academic field to the community at large. He has also received Macquarie University’s inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award for outstanding contributions to his profession. John has presented public lectures on many topics, including his work on the application of biotechnology to assist problem gamblers for which he has received numerous research grants.

He is one of the country’s most prominent statisticians and enjoys an international reputation that has led to invitations from many prominent overseas tertiary institutions to present seminars on his research. His seminars at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and London in the UK and other universities around the world attract large audiences and the prestigious Royal Statistical Society has on several occasions prevailed upon him to lecture to their members. John also holds the title of Visiting Professor at the University of London (Birkbeck) and the Divine Word University in Papua New Guinea.

In November 2007, at the invitation of DWU, John flew to Madang in PNG where DWU has its main campus. He spent several days speaking with key people who might play a role in an MBA. John then returned to Australia where he designed a program of possible subjects and the logistics of how it would be run. He later flew back to Port Moresby and presented a public lecture at the Crown Plaza Hotel to representatives from the PNG Chamber of Commerce. John also surveyed them and as a result found that there was indeed interest in an MBA program and that it was unanimous that it be taught in block format. John also surveyed just what subjects they might be interested in doing in an MBA, how many subjects they would be happy to do and how long they would expect to take. This paved the way for a list of subjects for the initial offering of a two year degree. He was later greatly assisted in getting the program under way by Dr. Don Ross who continues to play a very active role in its success.

John has found the whole experience personally very rewarding. MGSM is proud of its association with the program in which the subjects are lectured entirely by volunteers such as John. It is hoped that in the years to come it will be sustainable in that the staff of DWU will completely run the operation. DWU also has a special interest to build the economic and social capacity of the South Pacific Region and as such, they are committed to working with the government towards the positive development of PNG.
John was awarded Macquarie University’s inaugural Community Outreach Award for his services to the community in Australia and in March 2011 he was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate from DWU.