Centre for Social Research

The Centre for Social Research (CSR) is a new unit that is initially being housed under the Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research. Once fully established, CSR will be an independent self-funding centre to promote excellence in social research. The central role of CSR is to advance innovative research across the disciplines of social sciences, humanities and education. It will be guided by these specific DWU core values of academic excellence, service and community engagement, diversity, and social responsibility.

Under the leadership of the Director, CSR will focus its research initiatives in addressing and helping citizens to understand the political, social, economic, educational, cultural, environmental, and community development challenges in Papua New Guinea, Melanesia, the Pacific and the region. It will also provide leadership in educational research, governance and leadership, ethics and values-based leadership and management in the public and private sectors, and promote research in cross cultural and gender leadership, conflict resolution and leading and managing change in development contexts.