Message from the Vice President, Research and Postgraduate Studies

Philip Gibbs 1Welcome to the Postgraduate Research Centre home page.

The Centre manages Master degrees such as the Masters in Research Methodology and doctoral studies. It also provides a home base for researchers and senior academics, professors and associate professors. Besides myself, we have a Deputy Vice President, Research who heads the DWU Social Research Centre. Four faculty research coordinators, supported by other qualified professionals, help drive research in the faculties.

This year our activities help promote the 2017 theme: Advancing quality collaborative e-learning, and the third decade strategic plan which focuses on generating the capacity to contribute meaningfully through collaborative knowledge creation by research with national and international partners.

DWU continues to offer the Master of Educational Leadership (MEDL). Currently we have students studying for the full-time Masters in Research Methodologies designed for those with an interest in social research. However, we are considering a change to offer that program next year in blended mode including online learning.

With the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program, currently we have 8 Ph.D candidates, 3 studying full time and 5 part time. One of our candidates is an international female student from Nigeria, who began her studies at DWU in the Master of Research Methodology program. A team of highly qualified staff works with the doctoral candidates to ensure that they meet the expected milestones within the set timeframe.

This year we had a visiting scholar based at the Post Graduate Research Centre while he prepared chapters for a book. We have other enquires too by scholars wishing to use our excellent facilities. We benefit from their expertise and sharing in this way helps promote the university at the international level.