Becoming an Academic

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Seymour (2006) shared: “July 2005 marked the passing of 12 months since I made my transition from ‘the field’ to academia: from being immersed in direct practice, the hurly burly, messiness, and unpredictability of the ‘real world’, to the cloistered and cerebral space of the university. It has not been an easy or a smooth transition – far from it. The gap between ‘doing’ and ‘knowing’ – or more accurately, the ‘talking about knowing’ – has taken me by surprise, proving to be a disjuncture of greater breadth and significance than I had expected or, indeed, been prepared for” (p. 459)*.

The transition from ‘the field’ or ‘being a student’ to the academic life, although with the potential of being enriching, could also be a painful and disheartening experience. Therefore, in order to assist all new academic staff to make their experience of becoming academics and finding and defining own academic identity as smooth and inspiring as possible – Learning and Teaching Centre invites all new faculty members to participate in the program “Becoming an academic”. 

The program is offered through semester 1.

* Seymour, K. (2006). From ‘doing’ to ‘knowing’: Becoming an academic. Qualitative Social Work, 5(4), 459-469

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