CLT Vision

The Centre for Learning and Teaching is a transformative educational partner to Divine Word University Community supporting and enhancing its quest for excellence in all aspects of innovative teaching and learning.


CLT Mission

The Centre inspires and advances scholarly and innovative approaches to teaching and learning in educational practices across university. CLT provides support to faculties in their ongoing professional development as reflective and technology advanced academic leaders committed to effective student learning. The Centre offers guidance and support to students in developing and enhancing their academic performance and transformative educational experience.

The CLT mission is embedded in distinct DWU mission:

  • Harnessing the power of information and communication technologies for knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and for sustainable development practices of care for people and the environment;
  • Promoting research and postgraduate studies while addressing the issues of quality, relevance, access, equal opportunity, peach and social justice;
  • Enhancing standards of excellence in learning and teaching, and research for all staff and students;
  • Emphasising the development of moral and ethical behaviour in public, private and professional life based on Christian values. (DWU 2016-2026 Master Strategic Plan, p.1)

The CLT has been established in 2018 to accommodate and assist in achieving Divine Word University’s mandate. The Centre is committed to providing leadership in promoting an academic culture at DWU campuses and assist staff and students in achieving their full professional potential. The framework for the Centre’s operational plan is based on the premises and scope of the Learning and Teaching Plan 2016-2026 and therefore is aligned along the seven qualities of the DWU learning and teaching plan:

  • Student transformation
  • Innovation in teaching and learning
  • Intensified research and knowledge exchange
  • Productive partnerships
  • Enhanced staff capabilities
  • Optimal organizational effectiveness

The commitment to enhancing the seven qualities of the DWU learning and teaching leads the Centre in its activities in 2021 - 2022.

Download our CLT Operational Plan 2021-2022.


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