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What are study skills?

Study skills are the skills you need to enable you to study and learn efficiently and they are important set of transferable skills.


Beginning your journey taking on a new course of study in the university, can be a daunting prospect.  Many student struggle to manage their time and achieve most out of their studies.

Here are some key points about study skills for students to consider:


·         You will develop your own approach to study and learning to meet your own individual needs and discover what the best and the worst approach is to study.

·         Study skills is not restricted to subject specific they are applicable when study to any area.

·         You need to practice to be able to developed your study skills in order to increase your ability to study and soon you will become more confident.

·         Study skills are transferable. Your organisational skills, time management, critical and logical problem solving is require to remain motivated and are closely related to the employable skills.

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