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The basic about the unit conversation is that unit changes however the value does not change. Definately, it is the process changing one unit to different unit without changing alter its value.



1.       To convert covert from larger unit to a smaller one, multiply



2.        To convert from a smaller unit to a larger one, divide


Some real life applications and examples are:

Building house

E.g. BNBM Hardware in Madang is selling roofing iron in different sizes, from 1 foot to 18 feet. Convert feet to meter to buy a right size that will fit your new roof top.

BNBM Hardware: Image take from


  1. 1.       A Carpenter built a house, the length of the of the roof is 3 meter, how long (in feet) does a sheet of roofing iron can fully cover the length of the roof? Hint: 1 foot = 0.3048 meter

Ans: 9.8 meters


  1. 2.       The road from Divine Word University to Tusbab Secondary is 30000cm. What is the distance in meters? Hint: 100cm = 1m

Ans: 300 meters

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