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The word algebra might sound very old to you but you would not believe what you are doing everyday somehow, you are algebraically performed something that you would not realize. Most of our daily lives we do application of algebra such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebraic equation and algebraic expressions.






1. In typical PNG way of charging bride price.

Bride Price ceremony at Kundiawa in Papua New Guinea








Up in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, bride price is mandatory. A typical highlander will have paid the bride price for K30 000. The woman is charged according such values and qualities: education background (K10 000), children she bears (K10 000) and the bride is (K10 000). Simple algebra is K10 000 + K10 000 + K10 000 = K30 000




2. Buying and selling


3. Buying and selling betel nuts and cigarette






A retailer was selling cigarette for K1. There are 24 pieces in a packet which cost K16.80.


         a. How much profit will the retailer make after selling a packet? Ans K7.20


         b. How much profit will the retailer make after selling 5 packets of cigarette? Ans K36



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