Welcome to the Department of Communication Arts

The Department of Communication Arts, under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), offers a Bachelor of Communication Arts (Journalism) degree. The primary aim of the program is to mould students into journalists and communication specialists who can make a name for themselves in the various media outlets across the country.

What began as a two-year diploma eventually evolved into a degree program in 2005. Students now have to study for four years and upon successful completion, leading to an accumulation of 320 credit points, they graduate with a Bachelor of Communication Arts (Journalism) degree. Most CA graduates are absorbed into the mainstream media and many have already done the department and the university proud.

Over the course of the degree program, students become equipped with necessary communication skills, and are exposed to both theoretical and practical components of various units related to the media. The program is not centred around journalism per se, rather, its emphasis is also on communication models and theories, as well as development theories and praxis. Students will be able to critically analyse social concerns in relation to development in Papua New Guinea as communication experts.

The program has an even spread of various strands. While main subject areas include communication theories and concepts, including research methodologies and development philosophies, the skills areas include communication skills, ICT skills, radio and television skills, research skills, skills in public relations, and writing skills. These skills complement the core knowledge areas. In addition, there is also a focus on core values, ethics and life enhancement areas, regarded as compulsory by DWU. Special consideration is given to those students who enter the program with a Diploma in Communication, and to those students who have work experience in any of the mainstream media outlets in Papua New Guinea.