Welcome to Corperate Affairs Division

The kindness and generosity of people never cease to amaze the Divine Word University (DWU) Community. DWU is a testimony of people’s kindness and generosity. People who believe in what we believe, helping each other, sharing knowledge with others, having a positive impact upon other people’s lives even though those people may be culturally different and a hundred miles away.

Development and Self Reliance are two very important phrases at DWU mainly because the University is committed to its core values to provide quality of education to the people of PNG and the South Pacific. Some students receive financial aid through scholarship or bursary, and most receive financial assistance from the University itself. DWU endows 70% of tuition costs to most of its on-campus students. Without this supplementary endowment, the majority of students would not have adequate funding to attend the University. This endowment to all students comes from the Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) and various fundraising activities, without which the University would be unable to operate.

The Division of Development and Self Reliance (DDSR) under the leadership of the Vice President Corporate Affairs was established to enter into partnership with people of goodwill to enable the University to sustain its activities and assist in the further development of the University in a holistic manner to provide a coherent, balanced service to the DWU Community and all external stakeholders.