Welcome to DWU Partnerships

A warm welcome to the Divine Word University partnerships division.

In the third decade Divine Word University is committed to excellence in its research and academic programs therefore it recognizes that its strengths can be enhanced by collaborative relationships with local, national and international partners. DWU demonstrates a commitment to equity goals and strong engagement with stakeholders and this is evident in its core value relating to social responsibility, which is at the heart of DWU’s philosophy and academic and non-academic activities.

As per the Divine Word University Act (1999) and associated legislative instruments of the Government of Papua New Guinea, DWU is expected to contribute to the human resource development agenda specifically addressing the strategic objectives of integral human development, expanded access to higher education opportunities, gender equity in all development considerations, and awareness of the sustainable development implications in all policy and implementation decisions.

The Partnership Division was established in 2014 to oversee partnership relations and functions of the university and is managed by the Director of Partnerships. Through the partnerships, DWU promotes and encourages collaborative engagement with higher education institutions, government departments, agencies, NGOs, business houses and most importantly our stakeholders. Collaborative partnerships are implemented through academic, research and community engagement activities. These opportunities enhance the quality of our academic, research and administrative programs at the university and on a national level contribute to the human development agenda.

Salome Yegiora
Director Partnerships