Diploma in General Nursing (DGN)

Program code : (DGN)


The Diploma in General Nursing program is premised on the belief that preparation of graduates at diploma level for professional nursing practice requires theoretical breadth and depth balanced by appropriate and relevant clinical experience to prepare the graduates for nursing practice at first level nursing positions and ongoing employment in Papua New Guinea health care services and for registration with the Nursing Council of Papua New Guinea (NCPNG).
Therefore the program aims to:

  • Provide students with coherent and detailed knowledge of contemporary nursing practice and the principles and concepts that underpin that practice as well as enabling them to think critically, to reflect on their practice and to make sound clinical judgments based on evidence, which prepares the students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to function effectively as health workers in any setting.
  • Provide an educational and professional basis for advanced education in nursing practice, teaching, administration and research.

The Diploma in General nursing program is aimed at people with a grade 12 certificate. Some may come from the health services that have certificate in nursing. The program provides the opportunity for them to gain a nursing qualification for increased credibility as registered nurses. The clinical content of the program recognizes and aims to develop students’ competence, confidence and motivation for best practice. The theoretical content is based on strong evidence gleaned from recognised sources.


Units Offered

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