Bachelor of Midwifery (BMid)

Program code : (BMid)


The SMSON Bachelor of Midwifery Curriculum is framed within the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) Definition of a Midwife and the International Code of Ethics for Midwives.The overall aim of the Midwifery Programme is to:

  • Prepare competent graduates for registration as midwives with the Nursing Council of Papua New Guinea
  • Create competent midwives who are able to contribute to the reduction of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity in Papua New Guinea through the provision of safe, timely, evidence-based care.

The mission statement of the St. Mary’s School of Nursing is to:

  • Show that caring, commitment and healing in all aspects is an expression of the love of God as manifested in Jesus Christ
  • Prepare and train highly competent men and women to become qualified midwives who can serve women, children, families and communities in a spirit of Christian generosity and concern with commitment and dedication
  • Integrate Christian teaching with professional education of nurses and midwives

Units Offered